Best Beach Getaways Grows Revenue by 15% by Leveraging Beyond’s Dynamic Pricing and Support Team

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In 2008, two property owners on the Emerald Coast of Florida sat down and listed all the things that were wrong about the short-term vacation rental industry. They thought that if a rental property company would just have the same mindset as the actual owners - taking care of the property, providing value for clients, and maximizing owner ROI - they could have a successful company. And that is how Best Beach Getaways began.

“It’s not just Beyond’s technology that we love, it’s their people. The customer service we get from the Beyond team is what makes (the partnership) valuable.”

Jim DeVos, President, Best Beach Getaways

Fast-forward twelve years and Best Beach Getaways is one of the most successful rental property management companies in the country. They manage over 400 properties and have several office locations along the Emerald Coast, from Destin to St. Petersburg. Success, however, requires a lot of hard work and the ability to adapt to a changing market. One of the biggest pain points that Best Beach Getaways began to experience as their portfolio grew was accurate and effective pricing.

"...on top of the amazing customer service, I can say with confidence that we’ve been able to directly grow our revenue by about 15%, thanks to our partnership with Beyond."

“It would be easier for me to estimate the time it took in months rather than hours,” said Jim Devos, President of Best Beach Getaways, when talking about how they used to set pricing. “It was a lot of manually-intensive work. We had three staff who would hand-enter pricing for 300 properties with 26 season adjustments. We had to then make sure we were pricing effectively against the competition. It gobbled up an incredible amount of staff time.”

When Jim looked at the market for potential pricing solutions, he wasn't sure which way to go. “We did see that dynamic pricing was the way the industry was moving,” he said. “But we didn’t know who to go with. The only thing I was sure about was that we probably wouldn’t go out of business tomorrow (if we didn’t implement dynamic pricing), but eventually we would if we didn’t.”

“The reason we decided to go with Beyond was not only because of the technology, but the people. We see the team there as true partners to our business. They’ve learned how we work and how we think, and they aren’t afraid to be transparent and help us course-correct when needed. And on top of the amazing customer service, I can say with confidence that we’ve been able to directly grow our revenue by about 15%, thanks to our partnership with Beyond.”

As Jim and his team look to 2021, they have ambitious plans to continue expanding their portfolio of rental properties and dedicating more time and effort into their own customer service for property owners and their guests. “There is still a lot of uncertainty in the market,” Jim said, ”but I am sure of one thing­—we wouldn’t be where we are today, and wouldn’t be able to go where we want to go, without Beyond.”

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