How Gael Holiday Homes optimises their revenue management strategy and gain deeper data insights

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Gael Holiday Homes is a company specialised in providing holiday accommodation within Scotland. They offer a range of self-catering holiday homes, cottages, lodges and apartments in various locations across Scotland, including popular destinations such as the Highlands, the Isle of Skye, and the Scottish Islands. Gael Holiday Homes is best known for their attention to detail and personalised services, as they always seek to create memorable experiences for guests and travellers exploring the beauty of Scotland.

“We get a lot of data from Beyond. We see the historic data that we can compare year on year, we can track market trends and compare with previous years. It allows us not just to maximise what we are doing for the current owners but it also allows us to work out when we have got prospective leads or new owners potentially coming on board.  We can easily give them accurate data of what we can do to help them with their businesses.”  Les Robinson, Gael Holiday Home´s Director.

Three years ago, Gael Holiday Homes decided to optimise their revenue management strategy and gain access to more comprehensive data in order to evaluate performances, and to stand out in a competitive market. Their goal was to gain deeper insights and act on changing market trends with the most comprehensive future demand and historical booking data. That's when they decided to implement Beyond.

“We don't see Beyond as just a platform supplier, they are really part of our team”, Les Robinson, Gael Holiday Home´s Director.

Beyond supports Gael Holiday Homes with valuable information to optimise their revenue management strategies across each of their listings, and provide their owners with detailed performance insights for each of their properties. Beyond also aligns a dedicated Customer Expert, to continuously guide Gael Holiday Homes Revenue Management strategies, and help them better understand their performance throughout the year.

Beyond also equips them with various charts to help drive quick decision making effectively, focusing on Revenue, Occupancy as well as ADRs, helping the company get a clear overview of their performance and an understanding of critical insights, most relevant to their owners as well as themselves.

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