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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the reservation engine responsive to mobile devices?

Yes, our reservation engine adjusts to the viewport size of the device that is being used on any operating system.

Are my customers' transactions secure?

Yes! Signal follows all standards of credit card processing and transmitting of cardholder data needed to host your data securely.

Are marketing services available?

We can introduce you to multiple trusted digital marketing agencies with deep experience using Signal to market short term rentals.

Do I need a PMS to use Signal?

Yes, Signal integrates directly with Guesty, Barefoot, Escapia, Streamline, Hostaway, and Track. Our PMS partners help the Signal team deliver a highly automated launch and time-saving administration for professional property managers.

Can I use the Signal Booking Engine with my existing website?

Yes!  You can use the Signal booking engine with your existing website.  We want to make it as quick and easy as possible to get started with Signal.