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Host & Stay are just entering their fifth year of operations, but looking across their portfolio and speaking to their team, they seem to have been around since the horse and buggy days. Their approach and demeanor to how they run their business is all about customer service - making sure the owners of the properties they manage are happy.

We are owner-centric and our turnkey solutions allow for owners to be completely hands-off. All they know is that they are getting up to 25% more return in revenue.

Ben Duncan, Finance Director - Host & Stay

Their mission is to help make the UK one of the most popular, guest-centric holiday destinations in the world by providing travelers the ability to experience the way locals in small towns across the northern part of the country actually live. They refuse, however, to do this at the cost of making it a bad experience for homeowners who might make little if any profit on their investment.

“A lot of these homeowners tend to be old school, and are used to the old way of doing things,” said Ben Duncan, the Finance Director at Host & Stay. “Traditional property management businesses here did little if any investment into the properties they managed, or didn’t really have the concerns of the homeowners in mind.”

"There were some properties where we wouldn’t have had the guts to price it at that level"

“Our approach has been to be owner-centric, where our turnkey solutions and management of the entire supply chain of the business side makes it really easy and hands-off for owners. All they know is that they are getting up to 25% more return in revenue from their properties without doing much work for it at all.”

Ben adds that Beyond has given them the confidence to price smartly and confidently, without any of the guesswork that they used to do before adopting dynamic pricing. “There were some properties where we wouldn’t have had the guts to price it at that level,” Ben said. “But the algorithm said that the market could bear it, and lo and behold, it did. As an example there is one property where we would normally make about 6k pounds a month; we are now consistently making 8k pounds.”

As Ben and the rest of the Host & Stay team look to the future, they are excited about the possibilities. What started out as a family affair managing one property in 2016 has now grown to 250 properties under management. The goal is to double that by the end of calendar year 2021. The English countryside sky certainly seems to be the limit.

“Beyond is our trusted partner in this venture,” said Ben. “I know for certain we wouldn’t be in the position we are in today without them.”

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