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Beyond vs. Booking Channel Pricing

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Revenue Management Strategy

When it comes to a revenue management strategy for your short-term rental business, we can all agree that pricing is the most important part. With so many options to help your pricing strategy, it can be difficult to decide which tool is right for you. Many hosts turn to solutions like Airbnb Smart Pricing and Vrbo MarketMaker for this very reason: it seems easy to set and it gets the job done—or does it?

A recent report from Transparent and Rentals United that surveyed property managers from around the globe found that almost 50% of property managers have adopted a dynamic pricing technology solution. Seeing how popular the dynamic pricing solutions are with property managers, is this the right pricing tool for you? How is a dynamic pricing solution different from other pricing solutions? Let’s take a look at each.
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OTA Pricing Solutions, like Airbnb Smart Pricing & Vrbo MarketMaker

Airbnb, Vrbo,, and most other major booking channels, or online travel agencies (OTAs), offer pricing help to hosts right on their platforms. These pricing solutions usually take into account factors like daily trends, events in your area, seasonal shifts, and average rates of similar properties. Most of these pricing solutions promise to keep your rates competitive and keep you in control of your prices.
Easy to use
No integration or third-party necessary
Can easily be turned on or off
Can be a great way to get started on optimizing your pricing strategy
Limited pricing strategy customizations
Some hosts and property managers say that it doesn’t recognize every event in your area
 OTAs are thought to prioritize bookings (which increases the fees that hosts pay to them) over host revenue.
Most OTAs only use data from one source (their own booking website), which means they do not have a complete view of pricing in the market

Dynamic Pricing Strategy Solutions

Dynamic pricing from Beyond is based on an algorithm that automatically positions your properties to be booked at the best price at the right time in your market. While there are thousands of factors that can be used to determine demand on any given day, we’ve identified the top three that have consistently proven to correctly gauge demand and local travel patterns:

Local Demand




Day of Week


How does Beyond compare?

Real Growth with Beyond

Hosts and property managers who switched to Beyond experience substantial growth:
Drive Revenue

Increase in RevPan after using Beyond’s Dynamic Pricing
Gain Insights

Increase in RevPan after using Beyond’s advanced Insights
Maximize Profit

Increase in conversion after using Beyond’s Direct Booking capabilities

Making the Right Choice for Your Vacation Rental Business

Knowing the alternatives to Vrbo MarketMaker, Airbnb Smart Pricing, and others, helps you make an informed decision for your business's future. While these solutions may be cost-effective and customizable, Beyond offers an integrated, data-driven, and carefully curated experience tailored to your unique market.

Vacation rental hosts who prioritize long-term growth and profitability are embracing Beyond as the best vacation rental, Vrbo, and Airbnb pricing tool on the market. With its user-friendly interface, sophisticated data analysis, and stellar customer support, it's clear that going Beyond is not just a choice—it's an investment in the future of your rental venture.
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