How Air Manage Suffolk leverages Beyond to optimise his revenue management strategy, as well as to strengthen relationships with their various owners.

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Air Manage Suffolk is a locally owned agency dedicated to providing the best service possible to both rental property owners and tourists. Harry Embleton, Director of Air Manage Suffolk, and his team work between three offices in Aldeburgh, Woodbridge, and Southwold (England) to provide a completely hassle-free marketing and management service. In this way, their owners only need to worry about the incomes paid at the end of each month. 

“Before Beyond, it was a nightmare trying to work out what the correct pricing strategy would be for each property for each season, especially as the customer demands change so quickly nowadays. People are looking for last minute bookings so prices need to adapt accordingly to the environment.”

- Harry Embleton, Air Manage Suffolk Director.

Two years ago, after the first Covid lockdown, Air Manage Suffolk decided to automate and optimize their revenue management strategy to stand out in a changing market. Their aim was to adapt pricing very quickly to maximize profits according to the market demands, saving time and costs. That’s when they decided to implement Beyond. Nowadays, Harry knows they made the right choice. 

Thanks to the data and insights from Beyond, Air Manage Suffolk can provide owners with valuable information about the performance of their properties. This information is crucial for strengthening the relationship with owners.

"Our owners often need to understand how local occupancy levels are evolving across throughout the year, especially in low seasons. Beyond´s reporting capabilities gives owners instant visibility of their listing and market’s performance, even at a glance".

- Harry Embleton, Air Manage Suffolk Director.

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