Market Alerts

Pismo Beach & Morro Bay

Updated: July 2024

The short-term rental market in Pismo Beach and Morro Bay has experienced some changes in demand. According to the data, the Mid-State Fair in Pismo Beach has seen a decrease in demand by 1%.

In Morro Bay, demand fluctuations during specific periods suggest decreasing prices slightly should help hosts get maximum bookings: 

  • During June 21-26 and July 8-15 
  • From July 28 to August 4 and August 9-24
  • During September 26-October 10

And in Paso Robles, the Fourth of July and Labor Day holidays have also seen a decrease in demand, indicating that a reduction in prices could be effective in gaining more bookings.

These trends suggest that demand from these events and holidays significantly impacts pricing strategies in the short-term rental market. For dates outside of these events and holidays, staying flexible with pricing can attract budget-conscious travelers. By staying updated with these trends, hosts can make informed decisions to optimize occupancy and revenue.

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Hilton Head Island

Updated: July 2024

As we review the short-term rental market performance for Hilton Head Island, recent trends indicate a shift in demand, particularly around the Labor Day holiday and the summer season. Future rental demand for Labor Day has universally decreased across the island, with notable areas like Coligny Beach experiencing a drop to 25%. Other key areas, such as  the Palmetto Dunes, have  seen a reduction in demand from July through early September. 

Palmetto Dunes, while observing a lowered demand in September, also saw a decline in the first two weeks of July and August. Similarly, Port Royal's demand for vacation rentals has slightly decreased for July, August, and October, with a specific drop around Labor Day. In the South Beach/Sea Pines area of Hilton Head Island, a decrease in demand is noted for July and August, aligning with the overall trend observed across the region. 

This trend signals a potential for hosts to decrease in rental prices during these key periods. Hosts may need to consider these shifts when planning pricing and marketing strategies for the upcoming months.

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Myrtle Beach

Updated: July 2024

The short-term rental market in Myrtle Beach is experiencing varied trends across different areas, signaling shifts in demand and pricing adjustments ahead. Based on demand signals, we recommend dropping prices slightly for these dates and areas in Myrtle Beach:

  • In North Myrtle Beach, there's been a notable decrease in demand for popular events such as Labor Day and Mustang Week, suggesting that hosts should consider price decreases through late August to drive bookings. 
  • Similarly, Arcadian Shores shows a significant reduction in seasonal demand until August, suggesting that prices should reduce here as well to drive occupancy. 
  • Upper Myrtle Beach is also seeing a decline in demand through August, with additional price reductions recommend for September 3-21. 
  • Surfside Beach is also experiencing lower demand, suggesting that hosts should decrease prices for late August and mid-September – especially for Labor Day.
  • With lower demand in Cherry Grove Beach, hosts should consider dropping prices on the weekdays from late July to mid-August, 
  • For Inland Myrtle Beach, we recommend dropping prices slightly until early August, while overall Myrtle Beach sees seasonality impacts lowering rates until mid-August.
  • Lastly, Pawleys Island also shows reduced demand for Labor Day, which means prices should drop slightly here to drive bookings. 

These trends suggest a cooling in certain timeframes and events across Myrtle Beach, advising short-term rental hosts to adjust pricing strategies to align with the evolving market conditions and drive occupancy.

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