Casa Andaluza Increases Their Daily Average Rate by Over 44% with Beyond

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Casa Andalusia is a well-established holiday lettings agency with over 20 years of experience hosting beautiful properties located in Andalusia, Spain. We spoke to Karin Joanidopoulos, the CEO and founder of Casa Andaluza about her experience with Beyond. 

The first time Karin heard about dynamic pricing was at a short-term rental conference. At the time, dynamic pricing was a new and innovative feature in the Spanish tourism industry, but she knew that dynamic pricing would bring value to her owners, so she pitched the idea. Her pitch went well and Casa Andaluza began working with Beyond. 

Karin found the integration and sign-up process very easy. As a user of Incea Vacation Rental Software, a property management software (PMS) Beyond integrates with, the whole onboarding experience felt seamless. She simply ticked off the 20 properties that they wanted to test out first and soon saw great results. 

Karin highlighted how impressed she was by the rates that they were able to get in August of every year. She had previously suggested charging higher rates in August to her owners before but struggled to convince them. Now with access to market data from Beyond, she was able to show them what they were missing.

The dynamic pricing by Beyond has been quite revolutionary and has saved us a lot of time” -  Karin Joanidopoulos, the CEO and founder of Casa Andaluza

casa andaluza case study

Both Karin and her property owners have been very happy with the growth in revenue that they’ve seen since signing up with Beyond. In summer 2022, they were able to see a huge increase of 44.66% in their average daily rate (ADR) and have a projected 62.13% growth in ADR over the next year. 

Karin keeps her owners very involved in setting their pricing strategies. Once a year Karin creates a price list for all the houses she runs and sends them to the owners. Once they’re approved, she uploads them into Beyond, which automatically populates the pricing for each property for the next 12 months, allowing them to take some very valuable bookings as far as a year out. They have already received hugely profitable bookings for 2023 that they wouldn’t have been able to do before Beyond as they simply didn’t have pricing that far in advance.

“It has made our work much easier and better. And that's why, as an agency, we want as many houses with dynamic prices as possible.” -  Karin Joanidopoulos, the CEO and founder of Casa Andaluza

casa andaluza dynamic pricing with beyond

Today, they’ve enabled 38 properties with Beyond and are proceeding to add more as they grow. Karin told us how much she really enjoyed her experience with Beyond. Working closely with one of Beyond’s agents, Noemi, she is able to gain lots of insights into her market which helps her develop modern strategies for the growth of her business. 

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