Domus Rental Grows their RevPan by 46% with Beyond

domus rentals grew their revenue with beyond
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domus rentals x beyond

Since 2013, Domus Rental has provided elegant comfortable villas and apartments in Verona and Lake Garda in Italy. With a motto of “we are here to help you; we will always be here”, they offer their guests the opportunity to spend their holidays in authentic Italian-style properties.

We spoke to Alessandra Marconi, the founder and CEO of Domus Rental about her experience with Beyond. Alessandra was looking for a solution to help her business maximise their average daily rates (ADRs) in their busy market, so they turned to Beyond in spring 2022. The team already had a very good understanding of their market and were booking well, so Alessandra’s goal was to ensure that they were not leaving money on the table.

Before Beyond, the Domus Rental team was manually pricing their properties, using their knowledge of the market to determine a rate. And with so many properties, they did not have time to change their rates often.

“Beyond's innovative dynamic pricing software has allowed us to increase our average daily rates, ensuring that we are in line with our busy market. We rely on Beyond to keep up with the ever-changing market conditions and maximise profits for our owners. Most importantly, we don’t have to set every single price every single day, so it saves us time. We work hard to adjust the base price to ensure our rates are optimal, in line with the market, and booking well.”
- Alessandra Marconi, Founder & CEO of Domus Rental

Alessandra also liked that the platform is straightforward, easy to use, and in Italian. The Domus Rental team was able to easily make quick and simple adjustments to prices and access detailed insights about their listings and market. This has allowed Domus Rentals to spend less time manually pricing their vacation properties. Plus, getting started with Beyond was easy. Their helpful account manager made it simple to get up to speed on all the features and capabilities, as well as how to make the most out of their pricing strategy.

Using Beyond has also had an incredibly positive effect on Domus Rentals' relationships with owners. The team uses Beyond's Insights to provide the data and analytics needed to confidently assess market conditions and adjust rates accordingly. This ensures that owners get the most out of their properties while avoiding overpricing or under-valuing in our market.

“The best part of Beyond is that it also serves as a marketing tool for owners. I can show my existing and new owners how the market works, and the difference in choosing our company that invests in software like this. By showing the reasons that influence the daily rate fluctuations, Beyond makes it easy to show the owners that we can earn more money.”
- Alessandra Marconi, Founder & CEO of Domus Rental

domus rentals x beyond

In summer 2022, Domus Rental properties saw the ADRs increasing as much as 80%, with some properties increasing their nightly rate from €192 to an impressive €348. They also saw great RevPan (revenue per available night) results, with some their properties achieving a 46% increase in their monthly revenue. 

“Overall, our revenue has significantly increased since using Beyond, and it has achieved much higher rates than what we would have expected or dare to put ourselves.”
- Alessandra Marconi, Founder & CEO of Domus Rental

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