Fresh Escapes sees 19% growth in revenue compared to the last 12 months thanks to Beyond

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Fresh Escapes is an independent letting management company in the south of England

The word ‘home’ means many things to many people but, to Fresh Escapes, it’s an enjoyable, happy place where its clients can live, laugh, and relax with family and friends surrounded by warmth and comfort.

James Gardner, director at Fresh Escapes, joined our Customer Advisory Board meeting in Barcelona in March 2024, where we interviewed him about his experience with Beyond. 

“I recommend Beyond to other property management because it provides a revenue management system as an outsourced service. It saves us having additional staff internally that have to become pricing experts.” James Gardner, Fresh Escapes Director

Overcoming Obstacles

As Fresh Escapes expanded, they encountered several new hurdles in revenue management due to their business reaching a larger scale:

  • Managing an increased level of data configuration: Their system needed to handle a high volume of data more effectively to tailor services to the expanding needs of their business.
  • Minimizing manual tasks: The need to reduce the personal management tasks that were a significant requirement of their previous revenue management platform.
  • Optimizing Resources: This includes saving time and enhancing the efficiency of tasks that add value to their business.

Recognizing these challenges, it became crucial for Fresh Escapes to seek a new, reliable system that would enable them to continue advancing and growing efficiently.

"We’ve seen about 20% growth in revenue compared to last 12 months. We are pricing our properties more accurately and in line with local competition. There is no guesswork. We are using intelligent data in forecasting revenue management systems to enhance the quality of our pricing and market proposition." James Gardner, Director.

Unlocking new revenue management strategies to optimize processes and increase benefits 

In 2023, Fresh Escapes chose to adopt Beyond as their revenue management system, drawn by its ability to offer a level of data configuration that was specifically tailored to meet their business needs. They were impressed with the Beyond team's proactivity and professionalism, appreciating that Beyond is a company committed to ongoing investment and innovation in technology for short-term rentals. 

When using Beyond, Fresh Escapes highlights: 

  • The intelligent data and forecasts in revenue management enhance the quality of their pricing strategies and market position. 
  • Productive bi-weekly calls with the Beyond team that support the company actively and might suggest proactive adjustments according to the business needs
  • Market Insights us with appraisals with market income projections.

With Beyond, Fresh Escapes becomes much more reliant on the services they are providing and strengthens the relationship with their owners thanks to the tools provided by.

Real Results with Beyond

Up to date, the company has increased by +19% in revenue versus the last year, and 71% to total 2023 revenue

  • +8% RevPAN
  • +4% Occupancy rates increase
  • +4% ADR increase

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