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Herdwick Cottages is an independent holiday letting agency based in Kendal. The company markets high-quality holiday cottages, apartments, and glamping units across the Lake District, on behalf of the individual property owners.

Herdwick Cottages’ team is small but mighty and passionate about providing excellent service to their customers and property owners.

Adam Stephenson, Herdwick Cottages' co-owner, joined our Customer Advisory Board meeting in Barcelona in March 2024, where we interviewed him about his experience with Beyond. Learn more about Adam’s experience:

"We use the key insights to see what is happening on the property level and we communicate that to our owners. A lot of the time they may perceive that their property isn’t doing so well, but when we show what is happening on the local market it makes them a lot happier." Adam Stephenson, Co-Owner at Herdwick Cottages.

Overcoming Obstacles

Herdwick Cottages has expanded to a portfolio size that exceeds manual management capabilities, particularly in terms of pricing each listing. The company required automated processes and pricing strategies that could adapt to fluctuations in market conditions. They encountered several challenges, including:

  • Managing an extensive collection of properties necessitating automation
  • The considerable time investment required for developing and implementing pricing strategies for different types of units
  • Challenges in swiftly adjusting prices in response to changes in market dynamics

Unlocking New Revenue Management Strategies to Stay Ahead of Market Conditions

In 2020,  Herdwick Cottages decided to implement Beyond as a revenue management solution to stay ahead of market conditions and price properties with accuracy according to seasonalities and market trends.

The Comprehensive Benefits of Herdwick Cottage Using Beyond

  • Impactful dynamic pricing strategies through a user-friendly platform 
  • A seamless integration with SuperControl
  • Exceptional support from the Beyond account managers
  • Time savings through automation
  • Comprehensive reports featuring the main key performance indicators for owner collaboration and relationship management.
  • Real-time insights that highlight crucial industry and market trends

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