Holiday At Home increases revenue by 18% with Beyond

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Holiday at Home is a family-owned short-term rental company that began in 2009 with the launch of Brompton Lakes luxury lodges, filling a local market gap. As demand grew, the Company expanded the collection. Today, Holiday at Home offers luxury holiday homes, cottages, and lakeside lodges across North Yorkshire. The family remains committed to selecting the best properties and sharing their local insights on hidden gems and favourite spots.

Ryan Clark, Holiday At Home Head of Sales, joined our Customer Advisory Board meeting in Barcelona in March 2024, where we interviewed him about his experience with Beyond. 

“We initially signed up with Beyond for Search Data and soon discovered additional benefits, such as dynamic pricing and its implementation. It was intriguing to utilise data that we couldn't previously access and leverage it to enhance our strategy” Ryan Clark, Head of Sales at Holiday At Home

Overcoming Obstacles 

In the competitive short-term rental market, the company faced several challenges in using data for their revenue management strategies:

  • Manual pricing management that was time-consuming 
  • Data Deficiency: Lacking sufficient data to effectively target audiences and refine marketing strategies.
  • Budget uncertainty: Experiencing doubts concerning marketing budget allocations.

“Beyond gives us a lot more information that we're able to share with our owners which has led to stronger relationships, as we can provide better reporting and statistics through data that we wouldn't be able to get our hands on initially. The scraped data from the OTAs and our own search data have been invaluable for sharing amenities and search results." Ryan Clark, Head of Sales.

Search Data increases revenue and strengthens owner relationships

In 2022, Holiday At Home implemented Beyond attracted by its Search Data and trending insights to use dynamic pricing, boost direct bookings and improve conversion on their booking website.

Thanks to Beyond, the company benefits from several key advantages:

  • Guest search data trends: Explore guest search trends directly from their website to understand potential guest preferences.
  • Dynamic pricing: Leverage dynamic pricing to reduce manual tasks, save time and optimize revenue.
  • Conversion metrics: Utilize conversion rates and website traffic metrics to refine strategic revenue management updates.
  • Efficient marketing efforts: Focus marketing and acquisition efforts more efficiently to offer guests exactly what they are looking for.

“Since implementing Beyond our revenue increased by about 18% in the 12-month window, which has been fantastic. I was initially hoping for about 8 to 10 so that's a pretty big win”. Ryan Clark, Head of Sales.

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