Holiday Provence Increases Their Summer nightly rate by 37% with Beyond

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Holidays Provence, also known as LuckeyLoc Provence, is a real success story. It didn’t start with an age-long company that has years and years of experience in the holiday lettings industry. Quite the opposite. The company started just 4 years ago and grew quickly to over 50 lucrative holiday venues across the beautiful French region of Provence.

Roman Wieviorka, the CEO and founder of Holidays Provence studied political science and worked in politics. He quickly discovered that with a master’s degree in law, economics, and management, becoming a real estate agent would be a relatively easy transition. The founder started his holiday lettings company back in 2018 with just 2 houses. Today, in 2022, the company manages over 50 successful holiday units.

At the very beginning, the prices of Holidays Provence were set up entirely manually by Roman. As the company grew, Roman quickly noticed that he’ll need a more sophisticated solution to really take full advantage of the revenue potential that his properties had.

They tried several solutions  in tandem with Beyond but quickly noticed that the results with Beyond were incomparable to other revenue management providers. In their words, what really sets Beyond apart from other similar companies is Beyond’s dedicated customer support and hard work to ensure that the companies using their site grow.  

As a customer of BookingSync property management system, Roman appreciated how well integrated the two companies are, making his transition to Beyond effortless.

“Beyond’s onboarding was simple and straightforward. Similarly, the contract was easy to read, understand, sign, and implement. All of our questions were answered promptly and in detail which we really appreciated.”

Roman Wieviorka, CEO and Founder of Holidays Provence

The two main features that Roman uses and loves are Dynamic Pricing and Insights. Regarding the latter, he told Beyond that he really enjoys it as he can quickly view and understand the year-by-year evolution of a particular property and its growth in the average daily rate.

With Beyond Dynamic Pricing, Holidays Provence was able to see an increase in their July average daily rate (ADR) by 30% and August by 42% between 2021 and 2022. With winter being a slower period in Provence, their overall yearly ADR increased by 12% in 2022.

Beyond allowed Roman and his team to save time to focus on providing great customer service and acquiring new business.

To learn more about Holidays Provence, check out their website! And to see what Beyond’s revenue management platform can do for your business, contact us for a demo!

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