Holihouse Set to Increase RevPAN by 70% for Summer 2024 with Beyond

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Holihouse® is a comprehensive property management service that partners with over 15 online rental platforms to maximise revenue through short-term rentals in Greece. By taking charge of all communication and reservation handling, Holihouse ensures a seamless experience for property owners. 

With thousands of potential guests searching for accommodations nationwide, properties are always in demand. Holihouse makes it simple: they manage everything, and the property owners reap the benefits, welcoming guests and getting paid effortlessly. 

Panagiota Gkoni, Lawyer at Holihouse, and Dionisis Malapanis, CFO at Holihouse,  joined our Customer Advisory Board meeting in Barcelona in March 2024, where we interviewed them about their experience with Beyond. 

"We could no longer handle the pricing of listings manually, so we needed to invest in a revenue management system to elevate our company."Panagiota Gkoni, Lawyer at Holihouse

Overcoming Obstacles

HoliHouse was managing its pricing strategies manually. However, as the company was growing rapidly, it began to experience new business needs and faced several challenges:

  1. Managing an increasing portfolio: As the company expanded, there was a need to handle their listings more effectively.
  2. Automating pricing strategies: The necessity arose to automate management tasks and pricing strategies, saving time and enhancing the efficiency of value-adding activities.
  3. Professional Support: Increased properties required professional support to manage them effectively.

Recognizing these challenges, it became crucial for Holihouse to look for a revenue management system that would enable them to continue advancing and growing efficiently.

"We use Beyond data not only for our pricing and performance metrics but also to explain to owners how their listings are evolving in the market and to provide market insights." Dionisis Malapanis, CFO at Holihouse.

Unlocking new revenue management strategies to level up the business 

In 2020, HoliHouse decided to adopt Beyond as its revenue management system to meet its evolving business needs. Since then, the experience has been exceptionally positive, with Beyond's team demonstrating proactivity and efficiency.

When using Beyond, HoliHouse highlights several key benefits:

  • Automation: Saving time and automating manual tasks.
  • Intelligent Data: Enhancing the quality of pricing strategies and strengthening relationships with property owners.
  • Seamless Integration: Smooth integration with Guesty.

With Beyond, Holihouse becomes much more reliant on the services they are providing and strengthens the relationship with their owners thanks to the tools provided by.

Real Results with Beyond

Over the past 12 months, the company has leveled up by increasing its portfolio of listings by 61%. They have also experienced a 70% increase in RevPAN pacing for summer 2024.

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