Jeffery Host Increases Revenue by 50% with Dynamic Pricing from Beyond

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Hostenga is a full-service concierge platform for people who want to list their short-term rentals but don’t want to do any of the work.With operations in over a dozen cities across France, they make it easy by taking care of everything you need to list and make money from a short-term rental property, from welcoming visitors and checking guests in and out, to managing announcements and co-ordinating cleaning.

With such a diverse book of rentals including central apartments, mountain retreats and luxurious villas, Hostenga doesn’t do it all alone. They depend on Beyond’s dynamic pricing tool to make sure they are getting the best average daily rates (ADRs) for the properties they manage.

Before using Beyond, Hostenga felt the pressure of keeping up when it came to adjusting the prices on the hundreds of properties they oversee. They knew they were losing money by not being flexible fast enough in responding to demand—not because they didn’t want to, but because they just didn’t have the time.

Since implementing Beyond’s dynamic pricing tool in September 2019, Hostenga has more than tripled the number of properties under their management going from 75 to more than 250 today. During the summer of 2020, a tough time for the travel industry in general, they were able to beat the market when it came to occupancy, while also achieving an average daily rate of €50 higher than the market average.

"Let the dynamic pricing algorithm do the rest!"

With a little help from the Customer Success team at Beyond, they’ve been able to set prices for all their properties, provide a little guidance, and let the dynamic pricing algorithm do the rest! This has freed up considerable time for the Hostenga staff to focus on other important parts of the business, like customer service for their property owners and traveling guests.

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