Josh’s Cabins Management Doubles its Revenue with Beyond

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Leslie Anne Morris started her short-term rental business in 2019 by investing in her first cabin located in the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee. Since then, she quickly grew her business and started a full-service property management company, Josh’s Cabins Management. Her one-stop shop allows out-of-state investors an opportunity to create passive income by offering concierge-style service to guests without the hassle of self-management. 

“I founded this company out of my own portfolio. We are really excited to grow, and I was investing in short-term rentals. It got to the point where I needed to create this as a legal company and hire employees. Now we are managing cabins for others also,” said Leslie.

After her quick and impressive company growth, Leslie realized that she needed to find a revenue management tool to automate pricing and ensure that she was maximizing revenue.

Leslie found Beyond by researching online for the best dynamic pricing software, and narrowed it down to a few options. “I honestly couldn’t even tell you what those other companies were because I went with Beyond right away,” said Leslie.

“When I got started, I did what a lot of people do when it comes to pricing: I picked a price and tried to have the weekends be a little higher. I was mainly looking at how my competitors were pricing,” said Leslie. “However, I was booking up so fast and so far into the future that I quickly realized that I was leaving money on the table”

After starting with Beyond, Leslie was thrilled that her revenue started growing right away. “Before Beyond, my price per night for my cabin in the Smoky Mountains was usually around $180/night and it was a very static pricing strategy. With Beyond, that $180 regularly booked at $360 or more, so it almost doubled my revenue,” said Leslie.

“The biggest takeaway for me is that Beyond is a partner, and I don’t need to hire a revenue manager. And the amount of time saved by Beyond is huge. You don't need to micromanage your rates every day. The tool is really slick and easy to use,” said Leslie.

Leslie even tested Beyond against another dynamic pricing software to ensure that she was using the best revenue management platform available. “I tested another dynamic pricing software side by side, and Beyond came out lightyears ahead of the other one. I would have been using a lot of money. There are a lot of revenue management players out there, and I know that Beyond is the best one,” said Leslie.

“With the competitor, the pricing was more static and close to the base price most of the time. With Beyond, if I have a night that might go unbooked, the platform prices my rental just slightly less, and right below, a competitor. This gets me that night booked instead of no booking – you can’t sell the night once it’s gone. On the flip side, I can capture a higher price per night when demand is higher because Beyond catches those spikes in my market. I could really see the advantages of using Beyond compared to the competitor,” said Leslie.

“Overall, I’ve had a really good experience with Beyond so far. The software is easy to use and there are a lot of customization tools. If there is anything I need help with, the support team is on it. I know Beyond is just an email away.”

One feature Leslie really likes about Beyond is Comp Sets, which are comprehensive, customizable competitive data and insights. Within the Beyond platform, Leslie can easily view and benchmark all of her competition in one place. She can view her competitors’ pricing, properties, Airbnb listing pages, and more. “One thing I really like about Beyond is the ability to not have to manually research your competitors on the OTAs. They’re able to benchmark all the competitive data for me. It saves a lot of time,” said Leslie

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