How Beyond Increased the Revenue of a UK Holiday Cottages Business by 15%

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Lenton Developments Limited is a top player in the vacation rental landscape, managing two unique companies: Knockerdown Holiday Cottages and Peak Venues. While Knockerdown offers a family-friendly holiday park experience, Peak Venues operates as a boutique agency, curating a selective portfolio of 55 properties, each with its own distinct charm.

Before using Beyond, the Lenton Developments Limited team struggled with manual pricing models that didn’t maximise profits, lacked optimisation for demand, and had limited market insights. Beyond caught their attention with its promise of dynamic pricing, introducing a revolutionary approach that could enable them to adapt to the rapidly shifting market conditions.

“Our journey with Beyond has been nothing short of transformative."

Beyond’s intuitive dynamic pricing tools enabled them to swiftly adjust pricing strategies to align with market demand. With Beyond’s revenue management system, they found a way to navigate the uncertainties of the market and drive revenue growth even in challenging times.

“Our journey with Beyond has been nothing short of transformative. Beyond’s impact goes beyond numbers. The platform has empowered us to operate with greater efficiency, make data-driven decisions, and keep our pricing strategies aligned with market dynamics,” said Myles Mellor at Lenton Developments. “I estimate that Beyond has helped us grow annual revenue by 10-15%.”

The addition of Beyond to their tech stack marked a transformative shift in the team’s approach to revenue management at Knockerdown and Peak Venues. And with Beyond’s new Market Insights dashboard, the team has the edge to stay ahead of market trends and adapt to changing guest preferences. They were no longer guessing but making data-driven decisions that elevated their business.

"We were able to make informed decisions based on real-time data, gain visibility into property performance, and tailor pricing to the preferences of different guest segments.”

“The insights and pricing strategies offered by Beyond were particularly impactful in helping us navigate uncharted territory. We were able to make informed decisions based on real-time data, gain visibility into property performance, and tailor pricing to the preferences of different guest segments,” said Myles.

Beyond’s innovative Length of Stay optimisation feature was a gamechanger for Lenton Development Limited. Beyond’s Length of Stay pricing capability helps owners and agencies shield their bottom line, build maximum flexibility into their business, and improve guest satisfaction. With Beyond’s integration with SuperControl, it is now possible for Lenton Developments to set an expected booking value annually and seasonally that automatically pushes daily rates to short breaks while still being flexible with minimum stay rules.

“While we’ve only had Length of Stay pricing in effect for a short period of time, it will be a revolution for us because we’ve been using SuperControl for a long time,” said Myles. “Essentially, this moves minimum booking value into Beyond, which brings everything into one platform and provides us with more flexibility to provide guests the dates they want while ensuring we’re maximising revenue for our owners.”

Myles and the team have experienced a positive impact on their owner relationships since implementing Beyond. With Beyond they’ve been able to generate greater revenue for property owners while also communicating the realities of the vacation-rental industry using hyper-local market data.

Lenton Development Limited and Beyond are a testament to the transformative power of revenue management technology in vacation rental property management.

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