Last Key Realty Boosts Revenue by $43k+ with Search-Powered Pricing from Beyond

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In the busy world of vacation rental management, Last Key Realty faced a challenge that many property managers can relate to: manually updating rates for over a hundred properties.

Tired of this long, tedious process, Last Key Realty turned to Beyond, a revenue management platform that has revolutionized their business. No longer bogged down by monotonous, time-consuming tasks, the team at Last Key Realty can now focus on delivering unforgettable experiences to guests and exceptional results to homeowners.

“We found Beyond at the 2017 VRMA Conference. We do not have any experience with other pricing solution software, and that’s okay with us because we know we are in good hands with Beyond!” said Rodney Culiver, COO of Office Operations at Last Key Realty.

Since partnering with Beyond, Last Key Realty has seen incredible results. Key to their success has been adopting Beyond’s new search data capability that collects and analyzes real-time consumer search data, allowing Last Key to stay ahead of the game. With visibility into what consumers are searching for online, Last Key can automatically adjust pricing based on these trends, ensuring maximum revenue.

Since implementing search data from Beyond, the team at Last Key is thrilled with the results so far:

Since incorporating search data from Beyond, Last Key Realty has seen an impressive increase in revenue of +$43,000, representing a noteworthy 1.5% revenue increase, in just three months.

But Beyond’s influence goes further than just the numbers. The support and account management team at Beyond have played a crucial role in Last Key Realty’s success. From expert Customer Success Managers to a responsive support team, Beyond’s commitment to its Last Key’s success is evident at every turn.

“Each of our Beyond Customer Success Managers over the last 6+ years have been rockstars! The Support team has been great to work with as well, although we’ve rarely needed to contact support because the software is maintained so well,” Rodney said.

One of Beyond’s standout features is its positive impact on Last Key Realty’s relationship with homeowners and helping the team to acquire new owners:

“Being able to explain how Beyond’s pricing algorithm works to a homeowner AND to potential homeowners is a convincing talking point as to why we are successful and why a potential homeowner should consider using Last Key Realty as their management company,” said Rodney.

Beyond has increased the Last Key team’s efficiency and saved them countless hours of tedious, manual work. “Beyond has undoubtedly saved our team hundreds, if not thousands, of hours of manual pricing analysis and updates. Since incorporating Beyond, it has allowed us to reach that ‘next level’ success,” said Rodney.

Describing Beyond to fellow property managers Rodney says, “Beyond is a user-friendly and hands-on dynamic pricing tool that will simplify your job and increase your bottom line. The best thing about Beyond is how user friendly and easy to navigate the platform is.”

Beyond’s revolutionary platform has not only elevated efficiency but has also enriched guest experiences and driven remarkable business growth. As Last Key Realty looks to the future, they anticipate continued collaboration and an even more remarkable path ahead.

Last Key Realty and Beyond are a testament to the transformative power of technology in vacation rental property management. Inspired by their success? Property managers using Beyond usually see a 12.4% increase in RevPAN and an 11.4% in occupancy. Contact us today to see what Beyond can do for your business!

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