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Recognized as one of the best urban beaches around the world, Las Canteras Beach of the Canary Islands, Spain has miles of golden sand, top snorkeling spots, and beachfront cafes. Juan Betancor, founder and owner of Living Las Canteras, grew up in the area and has deep ties to the hospitality community there, helping his family run tourist apartments when he was young. Juan founded his vacation rental business in 2011 with the aim of offering a premium experience in short and medium-term rentals on the beautiful Las Canteras Beach.

“Since our inception, we have differentiated ourselves by very demanding quality criteria when selecting new accommodation. In addition, we only add properties one at a time, allowing time between each acquisition and making sure that everything we are managing so far is offering a very high and successful experience to our guests. In short, we grow slowly but surely.”

As Living Las Canteras grew, Juan ran into a few challenges which led him to partner with Beyond. As his number of properties grew, Juan realized that he was spending more and more time setting prices. In addition, he wanted to ensure that his bookings, especially ones that were booked far in advance, were priced at market value. Overall, Juan’s main goal when partnering with Beyond was to save time and increase revenue.

“I started using Beyond in April 2019 and soon began to see incredible results. My properties were being rented on average at prices 20% higher than I used to book them. In high-season months, this increase was sometimes as much as 50%.”

“I also immediately noticed a better positioning in the online travel agencies (OTA), the number of bookings, and occupancy grew by around 20% in 2019 compared to 2018.”

Juan also likes that once he sets up his properties on the Beyond platform, he only needs to spend a few minutes checking in on it. “Beyond is a very sophisticated and intelligent dynamic pricing tool that you can fully rely on. So you can forget about spending your time configuring prices and instead dedicate it to other tasks in your company, or simply to your free time,” Juan said.

Beyond has even helped Juan build better relationships and increase trust with his owners: “The owners have seen that since I have been using Beyond, we have received more bookings and higher amounts. And of course, there is no longer any way for bookings to come in at out-of-market prices,” Juan says.

And when he has questions or needs help with the tools, Juan knows that the support team at Beyond is there for him whenever he needs them. “The dashboard help panel is very complete and very well explained. However, the few times I have had a question and sent an email to support, I have received a very quick response,” Juan said.

“The best thing about Beyond is the most important thing anyone should expect from a dynamic pricing tool: its proposed prices. They are always in line with market prices, even higher on many occasions than I would think, but effective because they increase the amount of bookings I get,” Juan said.

To learn more about Living Las Canteras, check out their website and follow them on Instagram! And to see what Beyond’s revenue management platform can do for your business, contact us for a demo!z

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