Vacation Perfect was able to increase its average daily price (ADR) over 38% compared to last year's average.

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Vacation Perfect is a well-established European holiday lettings company with over 20 years of experience in the industry. Their brands include Paris Perfect, London Perfect, and Italy Perfect, all well known for their beautiful, hand-picked properties. Their high standards, attention to detail, and years of experience have awarded Vacation Perfect with one of the best reputations in the industry.

This successful company decided to switch to Beyond in early 2022 and they were happy with the results as they managed to see a big spike in their average daily rate (increasing it by over 38%). We spoke to Lisa Byrne, the General Manager of Vacation Perfect.

Prior to switching to Beyond, Vacation Perfect was managing rates manually. The average lead time for Vacation Perfect normally ranges from 6-18 months in advance but they also receive some great last-minute bookings. Hence, predicting prices based on historical performance was difficult and time-consuming.  

With data from Beyond, the Vacation Perfect team has benefited from insights and market data to inform their revenue management strategy. The team could now adopt a data-driven, successful short-term pricing strategy (ie. discounting for last-minute availability and increasing rates during seasons of peak demand). More importantly, the team also gained valuable insights into how they could optimize revenue months out, something that they struggled with before as the market data available to them was limited.

We’ve really been impressed with the results. It's really helped to catapult our ADRs to a new level. - Lisa Byrne - General Manager

Since the implementation of the Beyond dynamic pricing tool, Vacation Perfect was able to increase its average daily price (ADR) over 38% compared to last year's average.

By using data from Beyond Vacation Perfect, one of their outstanding Parisian properties received a 5-night Paris Perfect booking at a remarkable 253% increase from their historical maximum ADR.

Besides increasing their 2022 ADR, they were also able to increase their future ADR by an additional 18%.

Lisa Byrne recounted to Beyond that from the moment the team at Vacation Perfect started working with Beyond, they were very pleased with the level of support they’ve received. The initial discussions with Beyond began months before they made the decision to partner with them and they were happy that their decision paid off. Lisa told Beyond how impressed she and the whole Vacation Perfect team has been with the level of support they received, which is where Beyond really proved its worth in her eyes. She was extremely pleased with the reassurance, data, insights, and training provided in order to ensure that they would be successful with the platform.

All in all, we at Beyond and the Vacation Perfect team are excited to continue our strong working relationship for years to come.

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