Wonder Where To Stay Increases ADRs by 22% and Occupancy Rate by 94% After Switching to Beyond

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Wonder Where to Stay is located in Italy and offers a wide range of apartments for visitors looking to experience a unique side of Rome and other cities in Italy such as Sicily, Venice, and Naples. It was founded in 2012 and their aim is to provide a personalized and authentic experience for guests, helping them to explore and enjoy the beauty of Italy.

"We chose Beyond over PriceLabs because you have an account manager that closely follows your business and meets with you regularly. This is very useful to get to know the software and tools, especially in the beginning. Continuing these meetings regularly helps to stay updated with new developments." Emiliano Luciani, Founder at Wonder Where to Stay

Prior to partnering with Beyond, Wonder Where to Stay had been utilizing Pricelabs. However, they were in search of new, innovative, and powerful technology. Is then when they found Beyond in 2022, meeting a few Beyond team members at Scale Rentals Barcelona. Ever since that moment, Beyond has become their revenue management platform, delivering a favorable return on investment and a highly successful experience.

“Another important aspect is that software is in Italian language, especially when wanting to understand and make the most of the more sophisticated tools available.”

"Since switching to Beyond, our Average Daily Rates increased by 22% compared to the rates before,” Emiliano Luciani, Founder at Wonder Where to Stay,

On top of that, Wonder Where to Stay increased their occupancy rate by 94% In their low season with Beyond. And in their busy season, the company increased their revenue per available night (RevPAN) by 89%.

“Beyond is a fantastic tool to manage prices and more. It helps to optimize the rental stay offers, the availability, and it has the capacity to fill the gaps between reservations to make the most of the bookings,”  said Emiliano.

Thanks to Beyond’s Insights, Wonder Where to Stay provides owners with valuable information about the performance of their properties.

The interface is very user-friendly and you can see at a glance all the relevant information you need to make decisions. We really like the possibility to switch between different visualizations of the dashboard that can be used according to what you want to know, as each of them provides you with new and different information. Beyond is intuitive, easy to use and its dashboards are very helpful. It is really beneficial to the company, as it is constantly evolving to help us to optimize our strategies.

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