Modernize Your Payments Tech Stack with Tally

Elevate your payments processing with a modern, integrated  solution and boost conversion with frictionless check out and reliable support from vacation rental veterans.
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A simpler, faster way to accept payments.

Tally is a ready-to-use payment processing solution accepting all major credit/debit cards, ACH, Apple Pay, and Google Pay, with a behind-the-scenes product for your team to manage daily payouts and reconciliation, transactions, disputes, and more. Easy installation and no development needed.

And with Tally, your guests feel the impact too - one tap payment methods like Apple Pay and Google Pay on your direct website increase trust in your brand and reduce friction at checkout.

Establish Trust

Establish trust with Tally’s PCI-compliant payment gateway and advanced fraud prevention and detection.

Save More

Save more of your hard-earned money with low flat rates and no hidden fees.


Optimize cash flow oversight, receive daily settlements, and automate collections through one-time payments and automated billing schedules.
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Frictionless Checkout

Reduce friction at checkout and boost conversion — accept all major credit/debit cards, including Apple Pay and Google Pay, and ACH across platforms.

Keep Track

Make your accountant's life easy with a dashboard that caters to all of your payment processing needs — a transaction log, dispute resolution details, batch reconciliation, and more (all easily exportable!).

Team Support

Benefit from our team of longtime vacation rental advocates that backs you every step of the way — from onboarding and transitioning processors to adding Google Pay to your direct website, managing disputes, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which payment methods does Tally support?

Tally supports all major credit and debit cards, one-tap payment options like Apple Pay and Google Pay, and ACH.

If you'd like to only accept a specific list of card brands, we can do that too.

If I use Tally, will I still be the merchant of record for my business?

Yes! Once you sign up for Tally, you will remain the merchant of record and your contact information will appear on your guests' credit card statements. The onboarding process with Tally generally takes between 1 day to 1 week.

How do you help prevent and manage chargebacks?

During onboarding, our dedicated team will review and offer suggestions around the guest contract, last minute booking policies, and any other details that can help you prevent fraud and chargebacks.

If a chargeback does occur, our team will be there to help you every step of the way -- we're on the same team!

Can I use Tally to send invoices?

Yes. In Tally, you can create and send invoices for anything -- like reservations booked via a travel agent, extras like grocery delivery or early check-ins, and more. Guest invoices are easy to read and easy to pay, with payment options like Apple Pay and Google Pay front and center.  

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